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Make Your Own Medallion Book by Erin Burke Harris

Mix + Match Blocks and Borders to Build Your Quilt from the Center Out. What is a Medallion Quilt you ask? It has a central large block in the middle, then a series of small blocks pieced into strips that form a thin border. Typically Medallion Quilts can have eight or more different borders, each one needing to fit perfectly around the previous one and each one growing the quilt some more. It's like the matryoshka doll of the quilting world! They are tricky to build from scratch because the math needs to be perfect. Destined to be a classic backlist title, this hard-working manual features some of the most popular, and some more unusual blocks that quilters can use to build their Medallion Quilt from the center out. Similar to our Quilt Block Cookbook, this will comprise the bulk of the book with one page for each of the 30 blocks and a precise cutting chart for each size. 144 pages, Soft cover. Author: Erin Burke Harris