We are SO excited to be participating in Row by Row again this year. After the tremendously positive response to our 2017 row, we hired quilter and artist, Janine Ward, to again design our 2018 row. 

We were not only inspired by the melodies we listen to, but the expression of dance that comes so naturally upon wrapping oneself into the universal language of music. “Feel the Music” was born out of the embodiment of what music brings to so many cultures. Of course, here on the gulf coast of Florida, we can’t have music, or dance, without celebrating our gorgeous sunsets - it was a natural to combine the two. We consciously chose to design our row in the classic style as it fits so beautifully with our row from last year. We also continued our exclusive use of Moda Grunge fabrics for that same reason … and, because, well - grunge!

We hope that you love our row and the celebration that music brings to us all as much as we do.

As per the rules of Row by Row, beginning June 21st you can collect ONE pattern at no charge or purchase one of our kits in the shop. We also have another fun collectible license plate - supplies while they last!

The response from our 2017 Row, "Join Our Pod", has been SO successful, we will have those on hand as well. And, of course, you can also order them online anytime by selecting the links below. We are always restocking them, so if they show out of stock, rest assured it won't be long before they are available once again!

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