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We are so excited to once again, be a sponsor of another Alison Glass Sew Along. The Trinket Sew Along begins in late March and runs through the end of June.

This spring brings the launch of the second edition of the Trinket quilt pattern (ordering details below). The second edition includes fun additions and updates: a gallery of quilts, an alternate layout option, a coloring/block arranging sheet, the 2019 bonus block, and additional tips.


A trinket is typically thought of as a small item of little worth. Its value comes from what it means and the memories it holds. The forty blocks in this pattern are little trinkets in four categories: lines, shapes, things, and life. The Trinket quilt is about the process and journey of creating. It is an opportunity to let your mind wander as you connect your own meaning to each block. Memories of the past, present, or dreams for the future: the meaning is yours to create. 

Make sure to get your supplies ready for this fun adventure!

FABRIC - We have curated several bundles to choose from for your trinket quilt top. The pattern suggests 30-40 fat quarters plus background fabric. Rather than having one gigantic bundle, we have created several bundles with 8 FQs each. Mix and match or grab them all!

PATTERN - The Trinket pattern is now in its Second Edition. You can find it below.

SEW-INS - We have scheduled Trinket sew days in our Creative Studio once a month. Make sure to schedule a time and Sew Along with us here.

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